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Network connection

Networking is the ability to operate on the XP remotely with the assistance of a personal computer on which you installed our software XP Net.
XP modules require XNET optional card to be connected into a network.
To make operational control is needed only the ULAN network driver that is connected directly to the personal computer and it will be possible to connect the XP modules in the farm.

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The connection of the modules is easy as there is no specific order of connection. It’s not a loop type connection, it’s a parallel type one.

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It should be noted that both the XP and ULAN module are electrically decoupled by means of optocouplers so they can be linked to processors placed in warehouses, far away from each other and safe from damages coming from atmospheric discharges.


XP Net network software

The special feature of the software XP Net is to reproduce the screens and working of the same XP, pratically it may operate through the personal computer just like working on XP with the same screens and the same procedure of navigation, except that you don’t press with your finger on the key of XP but you will use the mouse pointer on the PC screen.
The high data update speed allows to refresh all values of XP in less than two seconds (the time value for each networked XP) and in the case of set variation the procedure is implemented in less than a second immediately freeing resources for other procedures.
Another important prerogative is that is not necessary to keep the PC turned on (unless you want the records of the data-logger every 15 minutes) to have a historical records, in fact the archives that are displayed on the computer are the same archives stored from XP (max 1000 days).
These data are constantly updated on the PC when the program is running and are never lost until a new cycle starts.

Note: The XP Net network software allows you to connect and recognize different XP models.

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(XP Net example with XP66 and XP61 connection)


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