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XP line modules

pan XP collageNew XP line: small size, great power.
color display screen 3.5” with 320x240 dots resolution with led backlighting. XP Line is made in DIN 96x96 format and the module dimensions are 96x96mm.


XPline.Cloud (remote control of XP processors)

qfarm frontale thThe XPline.Cloud service allows remote control of the XP processors installed in your Farm from any device such as computers, smartphones or tablets, connected to the internet.

XPFA (climate control unit)

xpfc thXPFA manages the climate control of the Ventilation system (On/Off and 0 ... 100% speed adjustment), of the Heating system of the Flaps (air inlet) and Cooling. 

XPFC (natural ventilation control)

xpfc thXPFC manages the climate control of windows (up to 4 independent zones, Ventilation (0 ... 100% speed adjustment), Heating and Cooling.


XPGA (multizone alarm)

xpfc thXPGA is an alarm system up to 16 configurable zones.

XPGH (greenhouse climate full control)

xpfc th

XPGH manages the greenhouse climate by controlling Ridge windows, Sides, Shading, Air circulators, Cooling, Space and Basal heating and Inflation of the double covering film.

XPSF (pig house control unit)

xpfc thXPSF manages the climate control of the Ventilation system (0 ... 100% speed adjustment), of the Heating system of the Flaps (air inlet).

XPSG (pig house environmental control unit)

xpfc thXPSG manages the climate control of the Ventilation system (0 ... 100% speed adjustment), of the Heating system (Environment-Floor-Infrared Lamps), of the Flaps (air inlet and outlet) and of the Cooling system.

XPWF (automatic water flushing control)

xpfc thXPWF manages the automatic control of the washing of the drinking lines (up to 16 lines)

XP29 (ventilation surveyour)

XP29 frontale thXP29 works as complete alarm for a forced ventilation system, it is recommended as independent alarm.

XP31 (greenhouse climate control)

xpfc th

XP31 manages the greenhouse climate by controlling the windows according to the ambient temperature with the option of controlling the shading and insulation based on the external brightness.

XP38 (5 speed steps control)

XP38 frontale thXP38 5 speed steps controls for transformer regulators.

XP40 (lift system)

XP40 frontale thXP40 manages the up/down lift of mangers and drinkers according to an independent daily lift calendar.

XP46 (egg incubator)

XP46 frontale thXP46 temperature/humidity/CO2 egg incubator control.

XP47 (thermal chamber)

XP46 frontale thXP47 realizes the temperature / humidity control of climatic cells (seasoning / thermal chambers, etc.)

XP50 (hopper weight)

xpfc th

XP50 hopper weight controller for the rationed distribution of feed in breeding and weaning farms. 

XP51 (birds-scale)

XP51 frontale thXP51 makes the weight control by a multi-weighing system.

XP53 (rabbits-scale)

xpfc th

XP53 controls the weighing of rabbits by controlling the weight of the cage through load cells.

XP61 (silo control)

XP61 frontale thXP61 it carries out weight control by connecting it to the load cells of the silo.

XP62 (silos control)

XP61 frontale th XP62 it carries out weight control by connecting it to the load cells of 2 silos.

XP63 (water surveyor)

XP40 frontale thXP63 manages water alarm for drinkers lines (max. 96 lines) for layer houses (in cages or aviaries).
By this control you can diagnose the lack of water in one of the drinkers lines.

XP65 (ventilation control 5 steps)

XP61 frontale thXP65 controls 5 steps on-of ventilation.

XP66 (ventilation control 0-10V)

XP61 frontale thXP66 controls 5 steps on-of ventilation.
Also it features one 0-10V output to control fans by inverter.

XP68 (data logger)

XP68 frontale thXP68 is a data logger for recording the following parameters:
Ambient temperature, Ambient humidity, Ambient CO2, Ambient NH3, External temperature.

XP69 (0-10V Dimmable light control)

XP69 frontale thXP69 controls ascending and descending ramps and the stand by timing at minimum value and is compatible with all dimmable lights 0/10v.

XP72 (dairy farm control)

XP65 frontale thXP72 controls both the ventilation system and the sprinklers system of a dairy farm in an independent way.

XP73 (automatic truck disinfection control)

qfl01 thThe program of the XP73 processor manages the complete disinfection of the input / output vehicle with various operating options.

XP line Custom service

XP custom thIf you need a product tailored to your own personal requirements, in a very short time our customer service can come up with an exclusive version with customized software and control panel.

How to order XP module

XP order now Choice of order options for XP modules

XP Dialogue archives viewer

xp dialogue
XP Dialogue archives viewer

PC network software

pan xp house
 PC network software supervision




XP software upgrades

upg aggiornamento USB

The XP line modules can be easily updated thanks to the USB socket with which they are equipped. The files to update the XP models are available for free in our 'Download Area' (only one registration is needed the first time you log in).